making a quick getaway


Sometimes it is just about the incremental. A quick getaway and take down can make the weekend longer. Here are some of the ways we make a clean break after work and fast clean-up afterwards.

Get out of town, I think I'll get out of town. I head for the sticks with my bus and friends. I follow the road, though I don't know where it ends.

  • Eat the same food you eat at home. Buy enough to have food for the weekend and whatever is in the fridge just take it with you. This one will really save you time as I find camping can sometimes inspire hours long trips to the grocery stores to gather ingredients you don't otherwise use 
  • Stock-up (gasoline, water, propane, firewood, canned beer) on your way home the weekend before. Gas is cheaper, lines are shorter, and your firewood will be dry(er) by the time the next weekend rolls around. 
  • Prep the night before. Charge all your electronics, load up your road trip music and podcasts, pack your books.
  • Pack incrementally throughout the week before. Better yet just leave it in the vehicle. If this isn't possible than at least keep your camping gear and clothes separate, packed, and portable. Try to avoid moving things twice, if you carry it out from the house, put it right in its place in your vehicle.
  • Keep your vehicle organized and things in their place. It's faster if you don't have to take all your gear out on the side of the road and reshuffle everything to set up your bed, or make dinner.
  • Team up and develop a routine. Divide and conquer. Eg. Someone gets the roof racks and surfboards while the other takes care of the dog and food
  • Recognize traffic patterns -- for me, a half an hour walk home from downtown on Friday night is faster than being picked up because of the summer tourist traffic.
  • Avoid ferries
  • Eat a homemade meal or make coffee on the side of the road. it is faster than fast food and you won't have to stop and run for the washroom after! Limit your pit stops on the way out of town - the more time you are moving the faster you will get there. 
  • Clean up as you go. Make your Sunday evening better. For instance, we tend to give the wetsuits a good cleaning at the beach after our last surf session of the weekend, then when we get home they just need to be hung dry. Dirty laundry goes directly from the van to washing machine.
  • Buy a camper van, seriously just do it! #vanlife