further along the Oregon Coast

- Kate

Our last leg of the roadtrip up the coast (you can see the first part here) saw sunny days filled with beach romps, afternoon surfs, and scenic vistas. We scored some (surpringly) strong offshore winds that created some hollow peelers (and failed barrel opportunities). But, I think Levon had the most fun of all chasing rocks and sticks and cooling off in the beachbreak of the pacific ocean.

We cruised along miles of coastline and through a dense emerald forest reminiscent of home to end up at a spectacular vista of beach breaks and sea stacks. 

We finished by taking Agathawagen for a rip along the beach -- luckily we didn't get her stuck! There's something (guiltily) satisfying about floating along the open beach in search of uncrowded waves... although, probably something we shouldn't make a habit of (*for the birds). 

We came home sandy, salty, and stoked to go back.