real, real small : what smallspace living really looks like


While smallspace living can free up time and money to devote to the things you love, it's not always as pretty as instagram and facebook leads us to believe. 

We all have that urge to put our best foot forward, which can mean tidying up and tucking everything away (even essential stuff) before taking the perfect photo.  Although those shots are pretty to look at, they aren't always real. In addition, the realities of our smallspace is that our room is multi-purpose, and the space may change throughout the day depending on our needs.

So, here is what smallspace living really looks like for us, courtesy of in-the-moment iPhone photos. This post will be part of a series, where we will show how living in a small space can be 'dynamic' (at best).


For us, living in a smallspace means that our living room is our laundry room.  It means putting up a gate to keep the doggy out of the bedroom.

Without a home office (... or even a kitchen table), I sometimes need to work where there's a plug. technology over comfort.

Alternatively, the couch-as-an-office means I may have more of a back-ache, but get lots of bulldog snuggles.

And sometimes you just want a change of scene and an alternative to the couch. I've gotten used to, and enjoy, sitting on the floor. which also means more bulldog snuggles.

Our bed frame becomes an extended closet space for those items that get thrown on regularly. In our small space, you can't just shut the bedroom door and forget about it.


... And there's never enough room for all the shoes.