Tofino time


earlier this month, we spent two back-to-back long weekends up in Tofino. The kind where we load up the van the night before, squeal outta town after work and drive 'til we reach the end of the road.

Our days take on a kind of rhythm out there. get up and surf. coffee. breakfast. afternoons spent on the beach. coffee. surf. supper. drinks. campfire. sleep and get ready to do it all again. The differences lie in the conditions, the waves caught or missed, whether we had the tuna-ta-tacos or the fish burrito for lunch, and what beer we filled our growler with.

sometimes you just can't beat an afternoon agatha nap.

the second weekend we were there, we came upon an afternoon feast at the tofino dock (thanks for the recommendation, Jess!); a showcase of local tofino chefs and the abundance of seafood available to us in this part of the world. from salmon, mussels, and oysters to grilled octopus and gooseneck barnacles, we sampled it all!

our afternoons usually involve a stop in daily to see our new pals at tofino brewing co. ... we love the beer and levon loves the attention.

finally, what better way to finish off two weekends in Tofino than with a campfire meal on the beach? (thanks for the inspiration Ian & April!)

summer is going to look a lot like this. and we can't wait!