our version of the minimal lifestyle


small. simple. minimal. whatever type of lifestyle/value-system you want to call it, for us it is about asking ourselves: what things, people and activities do I value? what do I wish I had more time for? We try to align what we do, how we live, and what we own with those values. It sounds straightforward, but it isn't. For us, it's a constant work-in-progress.

here's some questions we constantly revisit:

  • Which 3-5 activities are most important to you in life? Does the way you spend your time reflect these? Are they complimentary or do they inhibit each other?

  • What activities always leave you feeling fresh and re-energized?

  • Which of your commitments (side projects, clubs, memberships, etc.) truly add value to your life and which don’t?

  • What part of the day do you look forward to the least, and have you considered eliminating/outsourcing it?

  • Do you like where you live? What could you change?

  • Where do you actually spend your time when at home?

  • What do you want to buy? Would that material desire survive months on a wishlist?

  • What do you not use?

  • Where do you want be in five years? 


These questions got us thinking critically about our activities and interests as a whole; and how these influence each other, as well as the ways we spend our time, money and energy, and the space we occupy.

Part of our decision to live in a smaller space is that we really wanted to camp and learn how to surf. Downsizing our home and belongings gave us space in our budget for Agathawagen. It's positive reinforcement: our small space forces us outside, while our van makes it more comfortable to be outside... and easier to stay motivated (#frothin) on all those rainy westcoast weekend mornings.