#chezagatha : Mussel Foraging

- Darc

With the afternoon sun and a bottomed-out tide we set out to see if we could find some shellfish to harvest.

We explored the outcroppings and tidal pools. Levon gets a real kick out of the intertidal zone and wading in the salt water. We got a different perspective of the nearby surfbreak.

We were not the only ones on the lookout for a seafood lunch. This Eagle let us get pretty close for a picture, but eventually Levon scared him off with his splashing.

It did not take us very long to gather enough for a meal. We tried to only take the bigger ones that were still mostly submerged in water.

In my hunt for a mussel colony, I disappeared around the corner for what Levon considered to be too long. He got a bit wound up and scrambled over some rough rocks to "save" me. He got himself into a tricky spot with big drops and surge channels bellow. I had to carry him down.  

Horsetails have been sprouting up all around Victoria this year, here we found them at the edge of the beach. 

Harvesting was definitely the fun part, scrubbing and de-bearding was a bit of a chore; Pliers certainly helped. We were pretty sure that there was no red tide event happening in the area where we harvested, but just to be safe we only ate a couple, then waited a few hours until dinner time to eat the rest.

Moule Marinara Macaroni. Bon appetit!