april #agathawagen and surf adventures

- Kate

she's back! after a few months and a new engine, the guys at Beetle Auto Service got our Agathawagen back on the road! and what better way to test out her new engine than with a long weekend along the South of Vancouver Island with the surf forecast working in our favour.

ahh the slow, winding, and scenic route that ends in Port Renfrew.

after a day of surfing - agatha is a great place to drip off our suits. if only the rain would stop so they could dry. 


our reward for a tough paddle, a few wipe outs and the cold pacific ocean? a few bevies with friends, new and old, around the fire... and the occasional fullmoon dance party on the beach.


it's all worth is for that one wave and the sunny paddle out.


... and after 5 surfs on the same weekend in the same (wet, cold, slimy) wetsuit, the struggle is real.