emily carr, marimekko, and churros

- Kate

Even though we've been living in Victoria for almost 3 years (!!), there are still nooks and crannies of the city we have yet to explore.

Like the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria (AGGV). Tucked away in a Victorian Mansion on a side street, AGGV holds 17,000 pieces of art (largest private collection in BC!) and has works from Emily Carr and even an authentic Japanese shinto shrine set in their Asian garden.

We strolled through downtown on a sunny Saturday, stopping at Fishhook for their tasty tartines, past the palm trees (did you know palm trees grow in Victoria?) and then followed Marimekko's poppies to the AGGV. 

The Marimekko exhibit documented the history of the brand and displayed all their colours and patterns!

... while the Emily Carr exhibit showcased her early life influences and progression to the art she is known for today. And being a beautiful sunny day, we took some time in the Asian garden to soak up the vitamin D.

And, all that art made us hungry... for chocolate con churros. Who could resist?