a canoe through victoria inner harbour to canoe brewpub


We've been spending our weekends in the city more, but we still crave a sense of adventure. And beer.

Lucky for us, Victoria has a few brewpubs accessible via the water, and means we can canoe for beer. Even better, our apartment complex has it's own dock and canoe storage. That means on a sunny Saturday afternoon, we only have to walk our canoe across the Galloping Goose bike path and we're ready to launch in the Gorge Waterway.

Our paddle takes us through VicWest, along the Gorge Waterway, through the industrial section and the shipyards on our way to the inner harbour. The view of the Olympia mountain range is pretty great along the way.

... and we get to see the harbour seals soaking up the sun too!

Historically, Victoria's inner harbour was a shipbuilding and commercial fishing centre. Today, it is a busy harbour, seaport, and seaplane airport that serves cruise ships and is a ferry destination. ... and serves a good pint or two along the way.