wildlife photography and ramen

- Kate

Have you seen Mind of a Chef on Netflix? Season 1 stars chef David Chang and is so fascinating! We tend to watch an episode while eating dinner... which means we eat a lot of soft poached eggs, tofu, miso... and it has us craving ramen! Lucky for us we have an excellent ramen shop, FOO Ramen Bar, here in Victoria. 

One saturday, while 'grounded in the city', we took in our favourite special exhibit at the Royal BC Museum - the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year. It's a fantastic collection of wildlife photography from different countries, categories and age groups! So good! Ontario friends, you can check it out at the ROM here (we highly recommend it!)

And, right around the corner from the museum ... Foo Ramen Bar!

We slurped our way through pork ramen and seafood dumpling bowls. Life in Victoria is pretty tasty!