smaller space: the microloft


If you thought the three of us were cozy in our 400 square foot studio, let me introduce you to our 280 square foot microloft. Or it will be.


We bought a micro loft in an old heritage hotel. A teeny-tiny place to call our own.

(if you look really closely, you can see it in the photo above - top floor furthest to your right. That's it! ... or will be).


The development is called 'The Janion' right in the heart of downtown Victoria and we are hoping to move in Spring 2016. The project is from the same developers ("Reliance") who did the Burns Block micro lofts in downtown Vancouver; they are also adding a new waterfront section to the back of the hotel with slightly larger condos.

You can see more on Reliance's Vancouver project HERE, HERE or HEREand more on the Janion project HERE.

That's a 280 square foot space, with 12-foot ceilings, exposed brick, a Juliet balcony, a murphy bed, and a big slobbery bulldog. If you think we have a small space now... it's about to get smaller!

How are we going to do it? Well, stick around as we - stalk the construction site, and - figure it out!