small space: the studio


We live in 400 square feet. Two adults and a bulldog.

Yup. Take a moment if you need it. That's a lot of bodies in a small space (especially when you take into consideration the size of Levon's paws... and the volume of his snores).


One room. As little clutter as we can manage. Everything has a place and a purpose. And, we make it work.

We have perfected the little dance we do around each other during dinner prep. The couch is central for our entertainment (tv, computer, reading) and eating. And we keep the same sleep/wake schedule. 

It's kind of nice. 

Advice? hold on to what you love, part with what you don't. Be realistic and integrate your whole life into your space. ... What else do you want to know about how we make this work?


And, oh yeah, this is only the beginning. We're moving to 280 square feet! Stay tuned.