California road trip: San Francisco's calling us


"San Francisco, please make room for me. I’m going to San Francisco if I have to crawl on my knees.”

We left after work, taking the ferry and driving late into the night. As the sun set on the second day on the I-5, we were getting closer to our destination...

After another night at an interstate rest-stop, we got an early start on the road. Luckily we did, as we rounded the corner along Point Lobos Ave, pulling up to Ocean Beach in SanFrancisco... we saw this...

So, naturally, Darc suited up at Ocean Beach and hit the surf, while Levon and I took it all in from the beach. Welcome to San Francisco!

In the days that followed, we took our time - spending it on the beach, checking out the scenery and all the city has to offer!

And, of course, spent some time soaking up the view around the foggy iconic Golden Gate Bridge.

And with a rising swell and changing wind direction, led to a perfect afternoon surf session at that iconic landmark.

And that was only the beginning... although we spent time in other parts of the State (more of that to come!), "I left my heart in San Francisco."